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What Is A Contact Center And Does My Business Need One?

callcenter2A contact center is a unified communications system that easily connects customers with the right agent at the right time. What does that mean? Really, what it means is that a company can leverage and manage a wide variety of customer relations across multiple channels including phone, business website, live chat, email, instant messaging and even video all with one “dashboard”application.
Why is this important to a business? This type of management improves the customer experience by providing answers to questions when they need them, which in-turn improves sale conversions. A contact center is proven to help a business become lean in operating processes resulting in lower costs and higher revenue.

What’s the difference between a call center and a contact center?

Most people are familiar with traditional call centers which route inbound and outbound calls for multiple companies, typically handled at a separate location from the company. A contact center is connect both internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time. Essentially, it’s a more robust form of call center that allows businesses to manage large volumes of different types of inquiries ranging from customer service calls, sales calls to website inquiries and integrate those inquires with a CRM or customer relationship management service.
There may not seem like much of a difference between a contact center and a call center, especially today, since most call centers are adopting contact center capabilities, but a contact center truly does provide a higher level of service.
Adept Networks partners with both ShoreTel and Allworx to provide the most robust and advanced premise based contact centers available. These contact center solutions have proven to help reduce operating costs by streamlining business processes. First, companies are able to eliminate costly third party conferencing services.Secondly, businesses are able to put critical information within reach of those who need it and that applies to both employees and customers. Lastly, businesses are able to eliminate missed phone calls and delayed responses, which is a serious problem for companies that handle large volumes of calls.

What is an example of how a contact center improves business operations?

Glad you asked. It’s one thing to say that a contact center provides an all-in-one solution for managing multimedia inbound and outbound capabilities, but what the heck does that mean to anyone? Simply put, a contact center allows agents or employees to work from anywhere. OK, maybe that’s not such good news for them, but here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say an employee is moving from state to state to manage different aspects of your multiple locations, well, the employee can access the call center from anywhere to make sure nothing’s been missed while away and conversely, the contact center can route calls right to the agent or employee based on specific criteria such as; need, status, service level, location or wait time.
Pretty cool, but wait, there’s more. When the agent is contacted they also receive critical information about the caller or contact in order to help them field the call in the best way. A contact center is completely geared towards improving productivity. Adept uses premise based contact solutions by ShoreTel and Allworx because they are easy to deploy, maintain and use.  Those are the 3 key ingredients to a successful contact center.
The Allworx contact center features a very robust call management solution that allows businesses to distribute calls in linear priority, round robin, longest idle and ring all to maximize answered calls. Aside from flexible queuing options there are a host of supervisor management tools and call assistant features.
Jake Larsen, Contact Center Manager for MonaVie had this to say about ShoreTels contact center system“The ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center allows us to easily blend agent skills and language skills since we service over 10 different languages and even more countries round the clock. Email routing to specialized super-agents has added one more sales avenue for us. Using the open interfaces and simple yet powerful ECC scripting we’ve also created a powerful outbound survey application, and integrated it with the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center IVR engine quickly and easily. The outbound survey application has allowed us to assess our customer satisfaction levels and assess agent training needs. “
When you’re not able to be at your business in person and you can’t field calls, help customers and land importune leads then a contact center just might be the solution your business needs.
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Zultys MX30: A Look Under the Hood

Overall, the Zultys solution is packed with convergence and it definitely reduces installation time.

Neil Lichtman, CEO of Zultys recently told me how Zultys improved their products (Zultys Delivers Value & Wins Deals) for simplicity and reduced installation steps. Zultys announced their win with Martin Engineering (seeZultys Wins Global Rollout) and I wanted to have a good look under the hood for myself. Neil took me up on my offer to review the Zultys platform.
The MX30 is just a little bigger than the Apple Mac Mini Server. The tested phone was the ZIP 55iZultys label using the Aastra (6755i model). I liked the phone, its appearance, real estate (buttons/soft keys) and balance (feel). I got curious and visited Zultys' website to find their phone lineup here: Zip Phones
A hardware manual that shipped with the system gave me enough information to log into the system under the console mode and then download the Administrator software. The system configuration wizard had the system online in minutes. I'm not a Zultys dealer and haven't been to any training. Zultys does offer new dealers assistance simply by completing a form to utilize their Initial Deployment Program (IDP), detailing the dealer system to be installed. The Zultys IDP is available to qualified partners and provides an assertive approach to initial Zultys system deployments. IDP adopts a proactive approach for initial installations to help ensure a higher quality experience for VARs as well as their end-users. This is a value add program for their dealers/VARs with installation assistance.
Built in documentation was helpful too and I did read parts of it. Within minutes the system was configured using the onboard wizard and in a few minutes more the automated attendant was up and running--I didn't need to hassle to write a script and then find someone to record it (customarily an issue in the SMB market with customers) because the built in text-to-audio conversion points to a Zultys server in Sunnyvale that loads the wav file in the desired format with what is typed in a text box. Other languages and male or female voices are selectable or customers can use a sound program to create their own recordings in the acceptable audio format. Initially, I typed: "Thank you for calling Telecomworx, If you know the extension number of the party you are calling please dial it now or just press 9 for a company directory." Since Telecomworx sounded a bit off--I retyped "Telecom works" and it sounded right on. So a quick lesson here is to use phonetics when necessary. Zultys delivers an in-skin voice mail/Automated Attendant and there's no hard drive but instead a flash drive in the MX30 only. The dial plan tool is easy to master as is creating programming templates to speed up station programming.
The SIP phone audio quality is outstanding on the Zip 55i and that was the first thing I noticed when placing calls. I monitored in real time outgoing calls made through the system using ADTRAN's VQM feature in our IAD. G.711 compression was shown for all calls made and again the audio quality scored excellent. The system shipped with a 4-port analog FXO card, and another cool feature is the built in calibration tool that Zultys uses to reduce echo. All that's required are a few mouse clicks, and within seconds the system makes necessary adjustments to the FXO ports in use. This feature is key in that it removes subjectivity from the process and ensures the best sound quality is delivered to the users. There's no need for external analog loop current attenuators since Zultys accomplishes basically the same thing using software. MXIE is the client software I downloaded to my desktops (Mac OS 10.6.7 desktop & Windows XP PRO laptop) and bound the clients with my SIP desk phone. Zultys permits 6 devices to be bound to one user, and this allowed me to use the softphone on my laptop and the MXIE client on my desktop in addition to the desktop phone. The iConnected client will work on my iPhone as I previously experienced and wrote about here. This brings up my device count to 4. Zultys alternatively allows 5 users to be bound to 1 device. Later, I easily changed MXIE on the fly and pointed the Zip phone to the Zultys system in Sunnyvale to become a telecommuter using both desktop phone and MXIE. The UC package (MXIE) is tightly fitted with options and works between three worlds (Apple, Linux and Windows).
The Syslog with color-coded messages (for severity) is viewable after launching the Admin software. The "Device Status" is handy, showing all devices and whether they have registered. "Sessions" shows active SIP sessions and "Circuit Status" shows parameters, traffic metrics and IP information including status on the LAN, WAN and optional ports. "SIP Monitor" shows statistics for registration attempts and responses to SIP requests. The backup and restore features also include a scheduled backup and archive. The system maintenance section includes plenty of tools, and there's even a customer support server connection created by tunneling to allow the factory folks to observe and diagnose the system. There are numerous system monitors too and these tools are well placed. The "Call Monitoring" tool will be a hit with any dealer/VAR or IT support person to troubleshoot issues. The onboard system tools are placed so dealers/VARS and even customers don't hang themselves by not having resources to troubleshoot (SIP/VoIP/T1-PRI) issues that would vex anyone. My favorite collaboration feature is MxMeeting and this allows companies to meet online and even take control of customer desktops. Conferencing and collaboration are strong features in Zultys software and these can be used for numerous customer applications. MXMeeting currently requires an external Zultys appliance and licensing.
Zultys' MXreport custom report writer provides Call Center managers and System Administrators with deep insight into call handling and agent performance. MXreport taps into nearly 50 call detail record (CDR) fields through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder interface that lets managers create and output their own custom reports that include graphs and key data. Reports can be generated into spreadsheets and other document formats. Any telephony solution requires providing accountability, and a good reporting package isn't just to keep employees honest but it is crucial for troubleshooting and immediacy in making staffing/resource decisions about telephone traffic in your business. Zultys provides an optional Inbound Call Center solution and the one capability I like is the Call Attached Data (CAD). This feature allows agents, supervisors and end users to enter critical call information and notes into a pop-up "Post-It Notes" window, and this data is searchable and exportable. Zultys also ties to standard ODBC database access and provides the ability to offload CDR into another server to lighten the load on the IP-PBX. Key Report Features
* Intuitive “"Drag and Drop" user interface builds custom reports in seconds
* Modify call data field reports according to unique ranges and qualifiers
* Run reports for individuals and call groups
* Flexible reporting timeframe lets users generate reports based on call activity by quarter-hour, hour, day, week, month and year.
* Create and save call record reporting templates
* Accesses nearly 50 call detail record data fields to provide granular call analysis and reporting
* Built-in graphic reporting tool
* Reports can be saved in common document formats such as Excel, Word, HTML, TXT, CSV, ODS, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and more
* Enables companies to improve performance and account for specific customer and company call activities for billing, legal and regulatory needs
Zultys agreed to let me experience being a telecommuter using their phone and MXIE client tethered to their system in Sunnyvale. A few simple changes to the SIP phone using my browser (Safari) and in minutes I had connectivity. Again, the audio quality was excellent. (Note the MOS scores in the screen shot at the end of this page.)
Overall, the Zultys solution is packed with convergence and it definitely reduces installation time. For dealers/VARs you need to focus on the customization opportunities within the system that enables you to deliver what the customer wants, when and where. For some of the competitors of Zultys, what I don't understand is why more solutions don't have onboard tools? For those that need convincing read Sorell Slaymaker's post, SIP Trunking Maturity: 7 out of 10 and note that SIP trunks must have support mechanisms and that's only one of many areas of support required in an IP solution. Why do administrators need to hassle to just get a telecommuter a desktop phone that works? Vendors without focus to deliver what the telecommuter wants (easy to deploy softphone or deskphone) are missing a key opportunity. Then, if your solution doesn't easily support Apple OS, Linux and Windows OS users, another divide is created. People want to communicate with the tools of their choice; limit their choices and you just may end up limiting your revenue potential. There are no 2500 sets, no relays and contacts. The built-in fax server is another feature that eliminates standalone fax machines and provides the ability to use multiple fax numbers. The Zultys all-in-one system is very thoughtfully and purposely laid out in such a way that installation is easy, as is using the system and features.
What I like about the system feel is I don't feel trapped in the vendor's solution because customization is available throughout the platform and that is a huge advantage in selling to numerous verticals. The other capability I like as a business owner is the ability to add licenses as I can afford them. Zultys has hit on key ownership elements of the SMB: simplicity, value and application. The overall empowering trait is the amount of convergence found in the solution, system tools and how well thought out this product is.
As a competitor, I'm envious.
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Windstream to Aquire Paetec

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Windstream Corp. (Nasdaq: WIN) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire PAETEC Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: PAET), based in Fairport, N.Y., in a transaction valued at approximately $2.3 billion.

• Transaction Overview

“This transaction significantly advances our strategy to drive top-line revenue growth by expanding our focus on business and broadband services,” said Jeff Gardner, president and CEO of Windstream. “The combined company will have a nationwide network with a deep fiber footprint to offer enhanced capabilities in strategic growth areas, including IP-based services, data centers, cloud computing and managed services. Financially, we improve our growth profile and lower the payout ratio on our strong dividend, offering investors a unique combination of growth and yield.”

“Both PAETEC and Windstream are built on a customer and employee-focused culture. Together, with far denser network assets, an expansive fiber infrastructure, and larger data center footprint, I believe our brightest days are ahead,” said Arunas A. Chesonis, chairman and CEO, of PAETEC. “Our combination now creates a new Fortune 500 company with the financial strength and scale to compete and win against any other provider in the industry. I'm confident that this transaction will deliver substantial long-term value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.”

PAETEC shareholders will receive 0.460 shares of Windstream common stock for each PAETEC share owned under the terms of the agreement which was approved by the boards of directors of both companies. Windstream expects to issue approximately 73 million shares of stock valued at approximately $891 million, based on the company’s closing stock price on July 29, 2011.

Windstream also will assume or refinance PAETEC’s net debt of approximately $1.4 billion at the time of closing. PAETEC stockholders are expected to own approximately 13 percent of the combined company upon closing of the transaction.

Significant Synergies and Tax Attributes Drive Free Cash Flow Accretion

The transaction is expected to be accretive to free cash flow per share, excluding merger and integration costs, in the first year following the closing. The transaction is expected to generate annual pre-tax operating cost synergies of approximately $100 million and capital expenditure savings of approximately $10 million, which are expected to be fully realized by the third year after closing. Windstream expects to incur merger and integration costs of approximately $50 million in operating expense in the first year following the closing and approximately $55 million in capital expenditures over the first three years following closing.

The transaction will allow annual PAETEC net operating loss utilization of approximately $130 million in each of the first 5 years. The tax benefits will have an estimated net present value of approximately $250 million.

Enhanced Scale and Improved Business Mix

The combined company would have had $6.1 billion in total revenue and about $2.4 billion in adjusted operating income before depreciation and amortization, which excludes non-cash pension expense, restructuring charges and stock-based compensation expense, on a pro forma basis for the last 12 months ended March 31, 2011. Business and broadband revenues would have comprised approximately 70 percent of total revenue.

The new company will serve business customers in 46 states and the District of Columbia and maintain approximately 100,000 fiber route miles across the country. Windstream will offer data center services across the United States and have improved capability to serve multi-location business customers.

Strong Balance Sheet and Liquidity

Windstream will continue to have a strong balance sheet and liquidity. The transaction will be slightly deleveraging, including synergies.

Committed Financing

Windstream has received $1.1 billion in committed financing in connection with the acquisition, which financing would be required if Windstream refinances the assumed debt.

Dividend Practice

Windstream pays an annual dividend of $1 per share and its board of directors expects to continue the current dividend practice after the transaction closes.

Approvals and Anticipated Closing

The transaction is expected to close within six months, subject to certain conditions, including necessary approvals from federal and state regulators and PAETEC shareholders.

PAETEC Overview

PAETEC is a competitive local exchange carrier and provides telecommunications services primarily to business customers in 46 states and the District of Columbia. The company operates seven data centers in the U.S. and owns approximately 36,700 route miles of fiber in portions of 39 states and the District of Columbia.

PAETEC has approximately 5,000 employees, including about 875 in the Rochester, N.Y. area. The company was founded in 1998.

Additional Information

Stephens Inc. and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC are acting as financial advisers and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP is acting as legal adviser to Windstream in the transaction.

BofA Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. are acting as financial advisers and Hogan Lovells is acting as legal adviser to PAETEC in the transaction.

Conference Call

Windstream will hold a conference call at 8 a.m. CDT today to review the transaction.

To Access the Call

Interested parties can access the call by dialing 1-877-374-3977, conference ID 88434342, ten minutes prior to the start time.

To Access the Call Replay

A replay of the call will be available beginning at 9 a.m. CDT today and ending at midnight CDT on Aug. 8. The replay can be accessed by dialing 1-855-859-2056, conference ID 88434342.

Webcast Information

The conference call also will be streamed live over the company's website at A replay of the webcast will be available on the website beginning at 9 a.m. CDT today.


PAETEC (Nasdaq: PAET), a Fortune 1000 company, is personalizing communications and energy solutions in 86 of the top 100 metropolitan areas across the United States. We offer a comprehensive suite of network services (voice, data and fiber solutions), as well as managed services, cloud and data center services, software and technology, and energy services. For more information, visit

About Windstream

Windstream Corp. (Nasdaq: WIN), headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., is an S&P 500 communications and technology solutions provider with operations in 29 states and the District of Columbia and about $4 billion in annual revenues. Windstream provides IP-based voice and data services, MPLS networking, data center and managed hosting services and communication systems to businesses and government agencies. The company also delivers broadband, digital phone and high-definition TV services to residential customers primarily located in rural areas and operates a local and long-haul fiber network spanning approximately 60,000 route miles. For more information about Windstream, visit

A reconciliation of pro forma results referenced in the news release to the comparable GAAP measures is available on the company’s website at

Windstream Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Windstream claims the protection of the safe-harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the completion of the acquisition and expected benefits of the acquisition, are subject to uncertainties that could cause actual future events and results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on estimates, projections, beliefs and assumptions that Windstream believes are reasonable but are not guarantees of future events and results. Actual future events and results of Windstream may differ materially from those expressed in these forward-looking statements as a result of a number of important factors. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated above include, among others: receipt of required approvals of regulatory agencies; the possibility that the anticipated benefits from the acquisition cannot be fully realized or may take longer to realize than expected; the possibility that costs or difficulties related to the integration of PAETEC operations into Windstream will be greater than expected; the ability of the combined company to retain and hire key personnel; and those additional factors under the caption “Risk Factors” in Windstream’s Form 10-K for the year ended Dec. 31, 2010, and in subsequent Securities and Exchange Commission filings. In addition to these factors, actual future performance, outcomes and results may differ materially because of more general factors including, among others, general industry and market conditions and growth rates, economic conditions, and governmental and public policy changes. Windstream undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. The foregoing review of factors that could cause Windstream's actual results to differ materially from those contemplated in the forward-looking statements should be considered in connection with information regarding risks and uncertainties that may affect Windstream's future results included in Windstream’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission at

PAETEC Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Except for statements that present historical facts, this release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. In some cases, you can identify these statements by such forward-looking words as “anticipate,” “believe,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “potential,” “should,” “will” and “would,” or similar expressions. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause PAETEC’s actual operating results, financial position, levels of activity or performance to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These risks include those related to the ability of PAETEC to consummate the proposed merger and to realize the anticipated benefits of the merger. Some of the other risks, uncertainties and factors are discussed under the caption “Risk Factors” in PAETEC’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2010 and in PAETEC’s subsequently filed SEC reports. They include, but are not limited to, the following risks, uncertainties and other factors: general economic conditions and trends; the continued availability of necessary network elements at acceptable cost from competitors; changes in regulation and the regulatory environment; industry consolidation; PAETEC’s ability to manage its business effectively; competition in the markets in which PAETEC operates; failure to adapt product and service offerings to changes in customer preferences and in technology; PAETEC’s ability to integrate the operations of acquired businesses; any significant impairment of PAETEC’s goodwill; PAETEC’s significant level of debt and interest payment obligations and compliance with covenants under PAETEC’s debt agreements; PAETEC’s ability to attract and retain qualified personnel and sales agents; PAETEC’s failure to obtain and maintain network permits and rights-of-way; PAETEC’s involvement in disputes and legal proceedings; PAETEC’s ability to maintain and enhance its back office systems; and effects of network failures, system breaches, natural catastrophes and other service interruptions. PAETEC disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

This communication relates to the proposed merger transaction pursuant to the terms of the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of July 31, 2011, among PAETEC Holding Corp. ("PAETEC"), Windstream Corporation ("Windstream") and Peach Merger Sub, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Windstream.

Windstream will file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) a registration statement on Form S-4 in connection with the transaction that will include the proxy statement of PAETEC, which also will constitute a prospectus of Windstream. PAETEC will send to its stockholders the proxy statement/prospectus regarding the proposed merger transaction. PAETEC and Windstream urge investors and security holders to read the proxy statement/prospectus and other documents relating to the merger transaction when they become available, because they will contain important information about PAETEC, Windstream and the proposed transaction. Investors and security holders may obtain a free copy of the Form S-4 and the proxy statement/prospectus and other documents relating to the merger transaction (when available) from the SEC’s website at, PAETEC’s website at and Windstream’s website at In addition, copies of the proxy statement/prospectus and such other documents may be obtained free of charge (when available) from Windstream, upon written request to Windstream Investor Relations, 4001 Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72212 or by calling (866) 320-7922, or from PAETEC, by directing a request to PAETEC Holding Corp., One PAETEC Plaza, Fairport, New York 14450, Attn: Investor Relations, telephone: (585) 340 2500.

This communication shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. No offer of securities shall be made except by means of a prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

Certain Information Regarding Participants

PAETEC and its directors and executive officers may be deemed, under SEC rules, to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from PAETEC’s stockholders with respect to the proposed merger transaction. Security holders may obtain information regarding the names, affiliations and interests of such individuals in PAETEC’s Annual Report on Form 10-K/A for the year ended December 31, 2010, which was filed with the SEC on April 12, 2011, and its definitive proxy statement for the 2011 annual meeting of stockholders, which was filed with the SEC on April 20, 2011. Additional information regarding the interests of such individuals in the proposed merger transaction will be included in the proxy statement/prospectus relating to the proposed transaction when it is filed with the SEC. These documents may be obtained free of charge from the SEC’s website at, PAETEC’s website at and Windstream’s website at

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VoIP Explained

VoIP Explained

Pierre Kerbage, VP of Sales North America Zultys, Inc.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems can be mystifying to many people. A "system" is by definition a group of items forming a unified whole. VoIP PBX phone systems vary greatly in their features, capabilities, size, form factor, telephone carrier service connectivity, cabling, connected phone sets, etc. Although VoIP technology has evolved greatly over the past decade, such fundamentals of IP PBX systems as how they operate and what they require to perform reliably has not changed. That is the focus of this paper.
For starters, a common misconception is that VoIP means that phone calls are carried primarily over the Internet. Although that capability exists, the "Internet" as used in "Internet Protocol" has nothing to do with the World Wide Web. It really should be spelled "inter-net" -- between networks. And, a definition for "protocol" is that it is just a technology rule or standard, in this case for enabling the transport of voice data packets over a network. That network can be a local area network (LAN) that is within a building, a wide area network (WAN), and yes, the Internet itself.
If using the Internet, connectivity to the IP PBX is achieved through SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) trunks (lines) and the communications are managed by an Internet Service Provider (ITSP), the equivalent of the "phone company". SIP represents another industry standard protocol, and the trunks can be a broadband T1 circuit, DSL, Cable Modem, etc.). If one uses SIP trunks, does it then preclude standard connectivity to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) using analog trunks and/or a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuit? No. All can coexist on the PBX opening up a new world of communications capabilities and savings including remote worker communications, inter-office system integration, least cost routing of phone calls including international calling, unified communications, effective "find me" routing of calls, lower line costs, etc.
As a result, Zultys' MX line of IP PBX systems allows our customers to be able to use a variety of trunks in the most effective way. For example, a company might use PSTN trunks for most of its inbound or local outbound calls while using SIP trunks for lower-cost long distance calls. In fact, that company may use two or more ITSPs on SIP trunks. One for domestic long distance calls, one for international calls and several that have a low rate for calls to a specific country. Moreover, the Zultys MX automatically manages these least cost routings greatly reducing communications costs. IN MANY CASES, THESE SAVINGS ARE SUFFICIENT TO PAY FOR THE PHONE SYSTEM ENTIRELY!
OK. However, can you depend on SIP Trunking for providing business-level communications?
Yes. IF it is done correctly!
Briefly, the way VoIP works is that voice energy at the phone is converted to packets of digitized voice data that are transmitted over data networks and then reconverted at the destination. Each SIP conversation typically requires 84Kilobit of network bandwidth. (The use of voice compression algorithms can reduce this need.)
So, here is how to roll out CORRECTLY a VoIP phone system in your Enterprise:
  1. Decide if your voice network and data network should be converged onto one network or if it would be better to keep them separate.
  2. If converging the two onto one network, perform a DETAILED network analysis. Will it be able to have adequate bandwidth, can it provide for a guaranteed quality of service (QoS), is your firewall VoIP-friendly, etc? An analysis by a qualified, outside firm often is a worthy investment.
  3. Ensure that your network is cabled properly for the phone sets (CAT 5e is the minimum today and CAT 6 is quickly becoming the de facto cabling standard with video communications a growing requirement. Test your cable structure. Are any cables pinched or noisy? Be sure that none of your cables exceeds 100 Meters in length.
  4. NEVER daisy chain switches (switch to switch) - this piggybacking causes major slowdowns of network traffic, affects QoS and can cause unpredictable results.
  5. Remove all network hubs.
  6. Use single, layer 3. QoS, power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches.
  7. Use enterprise-level antivirus software on all servers and client PCs.
  8. Ensure that you have running a business class, server-based spam filter appliance or a hosted spam filtering solution. Hosted anti-spam systems have the advantage of filtering the spam before it enters into your network.
  9. Monitor which users are abusing your network bandwidth e.g. are users running applications for downloading music or streaming video or audio all day?
  10. Require DEDICATED BANDWIDTH for your SIP trunks. Some providers also allocate additional bandwidth dynamically when required, giving priority to voice traffic.
  11. Ensure that QoS routers are used end to end - meaning the provider has a QoS router(s) on its end, as well.

The investment in this structure provides for a high ROI by having optimal and reliable corporate voice and data communications.
Now, let us look at the requirements you need for your single office, home office and traveling staff to connect to your phone system. Each one needs a SIP phone (or SIP Softphone) and access to a broadband connection, of course.
Most likely this broadband connection is a consumer grade DSL or cable modem service that provides asymmetrical upload/download bandwidths, Additionally, the actual bandwidth available can vary widely depending on the number of other subscribers of the provider that are using this shared network at any particular point in time and how they are using it.
To best minimize connectivity problems with remote workers:
  1. Have the worker test that Internet service provider's speed by having running any of the free test tools available on the Internet. Insist that they have the ISP correct a problem. (A service speed upgrade for the service may be needed.)
  2. Have them use a modern, quality router/firewall that includes QoS functionality
  3. Ensure that everyone on their network is running quality malware-prevention software on all PCs and that all PCs are current with the latest security updates.
  4. Finally, the PBX must be programmed to route 911 calls received from the remote worker's phone to the proper, local 911 location for that worker.

With these preparations, you will end up with a powerful, reliable, excellent communications system.
And, excellent phone communications is the hallmark of successful companies.

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Pierre Kerbage, VP of Sales North America Zultys, Inc.

Unified Communications (UC), when used appropriately, is an amazing tool and boost to ANY business of any size today. In today's world, if technology can't MAKE you money or SAVE you money, then it is hardly worth the implementation. UC does both. For example, gone are the days where you have to have a separate cable for your phone and one for your PC. IP phone systems leverage existing data cabling and thus cut cost of cabling in HALF. Zultys is such a splendid example of the UC, where this energy efficient (less than 1 light bulb) 2U rackable appliance incorporates a Fax Server, Find me Follow me, Visual Voice Mail, Call Recording, Cell Phone Twinning, Voice Mail to Email, Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Secure Chat and IM, Call Accounting, Presence, Text to Speech, work from anywhere and make ANY phone an extension of your phone system, and over 200 other embedded features, all managed from one thin (less than 30Kb) client software called MXIE (Media Xchange Interface for End Users) that runs on 64 or 32 Bit Vista, XP, MAC OSX as well as Linux. Unlike the competition, ZULTYS does NOT require external inefficient Servers, or gateways . Unified Communications represents true value to any business and connects everyone in the enterprise, regardless of time or location.

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About Zultys

Based on open standards, Zultys Inc., a Silicon Valley company founded in 2001, manufactures feature-rich VoIP Business Phone Systems that easily scale to thousands of users. Zultys makes your business needs our priority. Our solution supports Mac, Windows 32 or 64 Bit or Linux users and integrates features such as soft-phone, Find me-Follow me, Presence, Secure Chat, Tele-worker support, Inbound Contact Center, IVR, ACD, Call Recording, Fax Origination/Termination, Cell Phone Twinning and much more. Zultys delivers on the promise of Unified Communication from open interfaces such as SIP to rich applications and networking. Not only is our solution cost effective, it also provides the highest energy efficiency with its compact single server all-in-one design. Zultys' distributed architecture also helps companies maintain high availability, while being simple to install, manage and scale. For more information, visit us at

Zultys; Increasing the Value of Telecom

ZULTYS: Increasing the VALUE of Telecom

Pierre Kerbage, VP of Sales North America Zultys, Inc.

In an era where every dollar counts, every ounce of energy saved is earned, every bit of efficiency increased is valuable, much of this has been referred to server consolidation. But in the age of convergence technology, where phone systems are not only becoming an integral part of IT, but rather integrated with IT, ignoring the Telecom section would be a misstep.
Enter ZULTYS. Since 2001, the silicon valley company has been producing phone systems designed with consolidation and efficiency in mind. Gone are the days where you have to have a SERVER for Voice Mail and ANOTHER Server for Unified Messaging, and ANOTHER Server for Fax, etc... Not only is the rack method inefficient, but it is also expensive, produces heat, spends electricity, and makes it much more difficult to manage, wastes efficient time and complicates a setup. ZULTY has been manufacturing phone systems with an all in 1 box concept since the beginning. 1 Box, can accommodate up to 60 SIP Trunks or Multiple PRIs, T1s, Analog Trunks, as well as features like 400 Hours of Visual Voice Mail, Fax Server, Advanced Find me Follow me, ACD, IVR, Unified Messaging, Firewall, VPN, Tele-worker support with Soft Phones, Presence, Secure Chat, IM, Call Accounting, Conferencing and MUCH more.
This concept of secure integrated network appliance uses Linux at the core, but Windows or Mac or Linux desktops to run the CTI applications and open standards telephones, making it one of the most VERSATILE, COMPATIBLE, EFFICIENT and FIT for deployment into any size business, as we scale from 1 to 10,000 user in a highly available, distributed environment. Speaking of high availability, so much in this box has been architected for resiliency and reliability . Raid 1 is possible, redundancy, Failover, even FANs can failover in the same box.
All this at a price that is incredibly attractive even to the smallest businesses. While we built our MX250 and MX30 to scale, it can be easily deployed in a 10 to 100 user environment, while remaining not only competitive, but efficient, green (a fully deployed MX250 consumes 75Watts, less than the average light bulb in your home), easy to deploy and maintain, and WITHOUT the multiple server concept. Go from box to functional in hours not days, and skip the moves, adds and changes, and costly maintenance contracts that can be daunting at times.
Last, ZULTYS keeps getting better and for the last 8 years has continued to refresh its appliance and proceeded to ADD to its software. It is the value phone system that just keeps getting better and greener, and more efficient.

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About Zultys

Based on open standards, Zultys Inc., a Silicon Valley company founded in 2001, manufactures feature-rich VoIP Business Phone Systems that easily scale to thousands of users. Zultys makes your business needs our priority. Our solution supports Mac, Windows 32 or 64 Bit or Linux users and integrates features such as soft-phone, Find me-Follow me, Presence, Secure Chat, Tele-worker support, Inbound Contact Center, IVR, ACD, Call Recording, Fax Origination/Termination, Cell Phone Twinning and much more. Zultys delivers on the promise of Unified Communication from open interfaces such as SIP to rich applications and networking. Not only is our solution cost effective, it also provides the highest energy efficiency with its compact single server all-in-one design. Zultys' distributed architecture also helps companies maintain high availability, while being simple to install, manage and scale. For more information, visit us at

Zultys Healthcare Systems

Zultys Healthcare Systems

Pierre Kerbage, VP of Sales North America Zultys, Inc.

Features & Functionality

While other systems provide just a busy light on the phone, Zultys has gone well beyond the legacy Busy Lamp Fields. Thanks to Zultys Healthcare Systems, Presence is software on your PC or MAC can alert you instantly when Healthcare employees are away or busy or available (see screen shot). You can even set it so that when they touch the PC or mouse or Phone, that it would alert you with a toaster pop on your PC, thus letting you know immediately of that presence change. This allows healthcare employees to be more responsive in case of an emergency. Furthermore, if you have a remote phone at your house, your presence STILL shows. This also goes for remote locations, clinics, etc... (MX Groups)
Instant Message
Emergencies in healthcare happen all the time, and waiting to get a hold of a person is sometimes NOT an option. Message anyone in the company (or working remotely), EVEN if they are on their phone. You can even have a conference room where several can join in. Note that this also reaches an employee who is working from home, provided they are on the ZULTYS system and software.
Find me Follow Me
Reach any healthcare employee, doctor, or anyone within your organization who is linked to the ZULTYS healthcare system. You can forward your extension to your cell phone, home phone and make that forward conditional on time of day, day of week, even by caller ID. Expecting a patient to call you, only forward HIM/HER to your cell phone - all others go to Voice Mail. You can even send a specific user to a specific Voice Mail. Expecting a message from Dr. John? Be sure he hears a message that you have recorded FOR HIM. Zultys Healthcare Systems can detect a caller ID and send a caller to a specific Voice Mail message.
Fax Server
Healthcare still heavily relies on faxes being sent between physicians and hospitals and pharmacies. Our systems can easily include the ability to fax FROM your desktop and TO your desktop (MAC or PC)
Unified Messaging
Do the doctors carry blackberries? Pocket PC - now make your Voice Mail forward to your portable devices and listen to them anytime, or archive them for compliance reasons or validation at a later date
Visual Voice Mail
Healthcare employees needs to be able to look for important Voice Mails, i.e. from Physicians, Hospitals, Pharmacies, etc... very quickly. Legacy systems make you listen to each message. Zultys Healthcare Systems SHOW YOU on your PC caller ID (Name and Number, date and time received) so as to quickly go to and select the message you need to listen to. You can also SAVE the messages to your desktop or any server on your Network for archival purposes.
Healthcare needs to be able to alert and advise different entities on an as needed basis. Need to page ALL doctors, local and remote for example? These can be put into a ZONE and whether they are working from their office or at home, as long as they are on the Zultys Healthcare System, the page will come through
Cell Phone Twinning
When a call comes in and you need to reach an important member of your healthcare organization, you need not to know where they are. Simply transfer that call to their extension (or name) and if their cell phone or home phone can ring AT THE SAME TIME. Furthermore, if the receiver of the call picks up the call from their cell phone and is walking back into their office, they can transfer that call back into their office extension/phone.
Is our collaboration appliance tool that allows you to instantly display your screen to others with the healthcare facility or anyone you wish to grant access. Show the charts to other doctors. MXmeeting also incorporates the highest definition in the industry today, allow doctors to collaborate with the greatest degree of granularity, detail and resolution available, leaving less room for questionable items. Collaboratively work on documents, white board and highlight any chart, record the session for later review and archiving and compliance. Need to have another user take over your PC (or MAC) - then it is done with a click of a mouse.
Multiple party Audio conferencing with superb clarity can be a part of your Zultys Healthcare systems. What is better? This is a hosted conference, which means that external callers do NOT use your phone lines.
Call Detail Reporting (including 911 reporting)
Run multiple detailed reports anytime. Who called, when, to where, what date, time, who called 911, and SO much more. Doctors can use it to bill for their time as all reports are exportable in multiple popular formats.
Find me
Forget pagers. Zultys HealthCare Systems are able to ring 4 phones at the SAME TIME. Want to ring your office extension, your home phone, your cell phone and another phone - WE CAN DO THAT. What's better, if no one answers, we can ring another group of 4 phones and another and another. Now Healthcare employees can easily be reached, in a cascaded fashion.
Ease of Use
Forget complicated legacy systems. Zultys Healthcare Systems are simple to operate, fast, dependable, simple to deploy in 1 or multiple organizations and can connect you anywhere.
Zultys Healthcare Systems are extremely versatile and flexible. Chose from T1, PRI, Analog, SIP trunks. We feature a wide choice of beautiful and easy to use phones that sound clear at all times. You can make or receive calls from your PC, your cordless phone. In fact cordless phones can be put throughout the clinics, hospital, etc... to respond and roam within the facility. Need to move your phone? Forget the "phone guy" and legacy systems. Just unplug your phone and move it to your desired office or even to your house. Your calls will follow you. This is the flexibility and power of the Zultys Healthcare Systems.
Going through Hipaa? need to have your conversations encrypted? Zultys Healthcare Systems feature Security (128 Bit AES) that goes well beyond compliance. Speak to your provider with the confidence to know that your messages will not be compromised.

Need to record conversations and archive them for years to come? Zultys Healthcare systems can EASILY do that. Save the conversations to your laptop, desktop, server or archive them for many years to come.
Zultys Healthcare Systems are sold through our trained authorized Resellers ONLY. Pricing is extremely competitive, often better than legacy or Digital Systems, yet full of features that Healthcare absolutely needs. Return on your investment can easily be achieved by reducing or eliminating Long Distance by using SIP Trunks. We also only require 1 Category 5 to the desktop as our phone have a 2 port Ethernet Switch, allowing you to daisy chain your PC to the back of your phone. We cut the cost of your cabling in HALF because we do not require a separate cable.
Works the way YOU do
Automatic Call Distribution is embedded in our Zultys Healthcare Systems. Need more? Add Advanced Inbound center WITHOUT having to add servers. Now you will be able to queue your patients, and see real time reports on who is calling, and their placement in the queue. You can of course redirect them in real time to different extensions or numbers. Know real time statistics about your callers at any time and be sure they listen to messages on hold. Your inbound call center is easy to setup and insures that all patients are taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, and helps you manage your call flow. Do some of your schedulers work from home? No problem. They can still be a part of that queue and call center. Work from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still connect to your patients.
You will not have to worry about obsolescence or growth. Zultys Healthcare Systems scale to 10,000 users, can connect multiple clinics, multiple Hospitals, Teleworkers and more. Attach your doctors, your staff, your employees and work all in a group from anywhere. Stay connected, and provide immaculate, yet COST EFFECTIVE service to your patients and clients
Zultys Healthcare Systems are extremely reliable. Unlike our competition, we do NOT require external servers which can significantly complicate installations and leak reliability. Our systems can fail over to each other to provide high availability under just about any circumstance, from Power to media, to medium to the entire box failure. Stay connected, stay operating, and never lose a call again.
Piece of Mind
Zultys, Inc. is located in Silicon Valley California. Our Engineering, Technical support, and infrastructure is there too. We do not sell appliances, consumer electronics or any other frivolous. Zultys is sharply focused on phone systems and has a history of nearly 9 years in business. We typically bring to the market 2 to 3 releases of software that significantly enhance and enrich our systems. Keep your system under maintenance and you will insure that ALL Hardware and Software is kept refreshed and in great working condition and that you will ALWAYS get the latest in technology. Zultys HealthCare Systems - is the major award winner of Telephony.

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About Zultys

Based on open standards, Zultys Inc., a Silicon Valley company founded in 2001, manufactures feature-rich VoIP Business Phone Systems that easily scale to thousands of users. Zultys makes your business needs our priority. Our solution supports Mac, Windows 32 or 64 Bit or Linux users and integrates features such as soft-phone, Find me-Follow me, Presence, Secure Chat, Tele-worker support, Inbound Contact Center, IVR, ACD, Call Recording, Fax Origination/Termination, Cell Phone Twinning and much more. Zultys delivers on the promise of Unified Communication from open interfaces such as SIP to rich applications and networking. Not only is our solution cost effective, it also provides the highest energy efficiency with its compact single server all-in-one design. Zultys' distributed architecture also helps companies maintain high availability, while being simple to install, manage and scale. For more information, visit us at